”We read to know we are not alone.”
–C.S. Lewis

♥’s books, android, smoothies, frappuccinos, the stock market, and sleeping

My Twitter bio (@leaflette) is pretty accurate, but if you want the tl;dr version, here you go.


My name is Leeanna, which is pretty obvious. Using my own name for the domain might have been egotistical, but I couldn’t resist when the .me extension was available. I’m a farmer in Ohio.

Hence why I read so much.

Reading is my number one hobby, followed closely by pretending to write, and sometimes by working out. I’ve been blogging for an awfully long time, on a variety of topics, but I’ve been book blogging for about four years. I got into book blogging specifically because I love to talk about books, what I’m reading, find out about new books, etc., and I don’t have a lot of people in my life that I can do that with.

Writing was something I forgot how much I loved. Book blogging actually led to me rediscovering it, because I re-read the entire Harry Potter series three times in a row. Not that I hadn’t re-read it multiple times already, but in that particular round, I also read a book of essays on Harry Potter, which led to me looking for fanfic. Yup. I love fanfic. I think one day I’d be overjoyed if someone wrote fanfic of something I wrote!

I’m trying to move beyond fanfic, though, because I harbor delusions of publishing someday. I talk about it a lot. If I spent half the time writing that I spend talking about writing, I’d have ten books done already. So yeah, I’m going to be talking about writing a lot here, and my own dreams.

What else is there to know about me? Not much. I like to say I’m old before my time, because I don’t do much other than work outside, read, and spend a lot of quality time with my laptop. I live on a farm, so other than going to work and reading, there isn’t a whole lot to do. I’m prepared for whatever apocalyptic event that comes, though. I can stick stuff in the ground and hope it grows!

I welcome tweets at any time. Why the @leaflette and not something with my own name? One, my name is taken :|, and two, I play World of Warcraft. My raiding toon is a druid named Leaflet.

about leeanna.me:

www.leeanna.me was born on February 2, 2012. The blog didn’t get going until a few months after that, but that was the purchase date of the domain.

I previously book blogged at 5 Books a Week, from October 2009 to August 2010. I burned myself out with my first attempt, because I had a silly schedule — 5 books a week.

This time, my focus is on having fun; networking with bloggers, authors, and publishers; and talking about one of my favorite things: reading. I’m also a geek, and love the chance to fiddle with my site, and learn about everything from SEO to marketing.

I’m always interested in author interviews, blog tours, giveaways, and promotions such as cover reveals. If you’re looking to do anything like that, you can contact me.

Want to link to me?

— leeanna