Year 2017: Chapter 3

Because I’m still sort of in a reading slump, I’m going to try something new for the blog and do a monthly post on what I plan to read. Next month, I’ll post about how I did and pick out some books for that month, rinse and repeat. For now I’m sticking to review books, but I’ll plan out my pleasure reading if I don’t kick the slump. I very much like crossing things off lists 😀

wall of storms by ken liuWALL OF STORMS by Ken Liu. I actually started this months ago, but quit reading it about halfway through because I wasn’t in an epic fantasy mood. This is a good series, especially if you’re looking for fantasy that isn’t Western European based, but it’s something I have to be in the mood for.

rise of io by wesley chuRISE OF IO by Wesley Chu. Another book I started months ago, oops. A victim of my reading slump. I didn’t read Chu’s first series, but this one follows in the same world of Quasings, so it’s a good introduction if you’re new to his work like me. I remember liking Ella a lot, and I also liked that it was set in India.

wonder women by sam maggsWONDER WOMEN by Sam Maggs. I actually read this one in November 2016, but blazed through it so quickly I didn’t feel like I could write a good review. There were quite a few women I hadn’t heard of profiled in this book; it’s always nice to be introduced to important but forgotten women and learn more about them.

enemies of versailles by sally christieENEMIES OF VERSAILLES by Sally Christie. If there’s a book that’ll break my reading slump for a while, this might be it. I loved the other two books in the trilogy so much that I reread both, and I’m eager to see how the trilogy will end. Not too eager though, because I’ll be sad to say goodbye to the series. I highly recommend this trilogy if you’re a fan of historical fiction.

prisoner of snow and ice by ruth laurenPRISONER OF ICE AND SNOW by Ruth Lauren. I admit, I requested this one on NetGalley solely because of the summary. I know nothing about it, other than it’s middle grade fantasy of a sister breaking the other out of prison and it has a good cover. Give me all the girls with bows!

prince charles by sally bedell smithPRINCE CHARLES by Sally Bedell Smith. I read the author’s biography of Queen Elizabeth II, so it seems natural to see what she has to say about Prince Charles. I’m absolutely obsessed with The Crown on Netflix (like a lot of other people, I’m sure), so I’m in the mood for a royal biography.

the hate u give by angie thomasTHE HATE U GIVE by Angie Thomas. This has been in my Twitter feed for months. I’ve only heard good things.

Check back in April to see how I did!


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